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How to clean casserole?(Hits:) 
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1. cut the orange, put in the pot to boil for 15 minutes, and then bubble 2 hours, Hawthorn will float.
2. coated with a layer of honey, over half an hour with a scouring pad can be a very clean and clean.
3, the pot is not thoroughly cool when the cleaning easier to clean.
Home must: Shuimo sandpaper, in the sand paper, coarse sand paper. A lot of tool shop for sale, pay attention: is wet with the sandpaper!
The water boiled several times in the pot, do not put anything, put the paste of the things drained, put a small amount of water after the rub with a coarse sand paper again, and then rubbed in the sandpaper again, and finally: , Then you will find: pot: bright and clean incomparable, the same new.
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