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What are the benefits of casserole?(Hits:) 
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 Soup to choose the delicate texture of the casserole is appropriate, poor quality casserole porcelain glaze contains a small amount of lead, easy to dissolve when cooking acidic food, harmful to health. The inner wall of the pot is very good white pot. The benefits of casserole is the need for small fire slow work, good insulation, and made out of the soup delicious taste.
In the final analysis, the biggest advantage with casserole is the following 2 points:
1, sealing and temperature: easy to tasty and better internal circulation, soup, soup and stew. Such as meat is easy to rotten, and tofu like tasty
2, insulation: heat conduction slow, some soup is not to drink hot, but to drink warm, and the casserole in this effect far more than the other pot.
Casserole, is also edible equipment, made of high temperature ceramic clay. As early as the Tang Dynasty, China's ceramic industry is quite developed, unique in the world.
The twenty-first century, with the rapid development of people's material civilization, people on their own quality of life is more emphasis on their own health in the first place, increase human life has become the first desire of mankind. Chinese casserole is just enough to meet this kind of desire for mankind.
The ancient people of the cloud: disease from the mouth, according to modern medical reasoning, human life is far from now the age, but twice, how can we achieve the natural life? Experts suggest that you use casserole, casserole does not contain harmful to the human body Any element, fried stew on food without any qualitative change, coupled with a reasonable diet, scientific food deployment, naturally can be achieved away from the disease, increase life expectancy.
Casserole use: fried, fried, stewed, boiled, preserved juice flavor, so that the color of food delicious.
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