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The casserole is a pot made of sandy pottery, sometimes glazed. Casserole to rely on casserole recipes are casserole chicken, casserole tofu, casserole head and so on. 1 Introduction The traditional casserole is not easy to heat the quartz, feldspar, clay and other raw materials with the ceramic products, after high temperature firing, with ventilation, adsorption, heat transfer uniform, slow heat and so on. As the production process and raw material problems, the traditional casserole is not resistant to temperature changes, easy to burst, can not dry. For the traditional casserole this problem, nearly a decade, after research and development improved, in the raw materials by adding spodumene, to create high-temperature casserole, making the casserole to maintain the original advantages of the case, but also able to bear Hundreds of high temperature dry and not crack, greatly improving the practicality of the casserole.
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