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How to keep the casserole?(Hits:) 
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asserole is made of quartz, feldspar, clay and other raw materials made of ceramic products, the high temperature cooking, the pot body to form a vitreous. This kind of vitreous is less adaptable to temperature difference. Casserole suddenly heat by cold, will cause rapid expansion or contraction, resulting in rupture. For casserole this feature, the use must pay attention to the following aspects:
1. To gradually warming, do not suddenly burn in the fire, so as not to burst.
2. After burning the food, the casserole from the fire, with the wood chip to stand up to make it even heat, slow cooling, so as not to shrink. Can also be based on the size of the casserole, to do a ring, when the casserole from the fire, on the iron ring, so that the bottom is not directly touch the ground, the natural cooling, can make casserole longer use.
3. Newly bought casserole, often leaking, this is because there are many trachoma reasons. When the first use of the new pot, it is best to do soup or gruel, after eating, do not brush pot, put it on the side of the stove baking, so that the batter in the pan dry knot, blocking the walls of those tiny trachoma, Then washed. In this way, casserole will not leak.
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