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How to choose wok?(Hits:) 
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1.In general, the material of the wok is very important, but also an important choice factor. From the material point of view, the general wok has wok, alloy pot, stainless steel pots of these kinds, stainless steel, especially the 304 material is the best anti-corrosion anti-acid and alkali ability is the best.
2.Although the purchase of things do not have to be too concerned about the brand, the most important is the quality. But who can really see the quality is very good, or have to use to know, after all, others practiced, the so-called practice is the only criterion for testing the truth. The brand is built by word of mouth, a person used this thing feel good and then said to another person to listen to another person to buy good and pass to another person, so, kept pass down, This thing was a lot of people know, as long as that this thing to know this brand. So that brand products are still very good, even if the price of your point, at least let people buy the rest assured, especially for completely ignorant wok, do not know how to look to pick people may be more suitable to see the brand to buy.

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