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How to buy baking pan?(Hits:) 
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Water is the primary consideration, the baking tray used to hold baked goods, non-stick baking dish is the first, so when you go to pick a baking time must look at its water is not good. A good baked pan in the cake may be compared when the cake is demolished, and vice versa, it will stick the baking pan and damage the cake's aesthetics and intact. The coating is also one of the main functions of the non-sticky baking pan. The raw material of the coating determines its good function. Therefore, it must be polished to pick up the coating and be selected by the masses. Heat resistance is the characteristics of each baking appliance should have a good or bad distinction is that the degree of heat and the time is not the impact on its formation, this is the main concern.
There are three kinds of baking pan: iron baking pan, aluminum baking pan, with aluminum pan. Overall, the use of iron baking bread better, usually not deformed, but look at the quality of your purchase, with the baking temperature, usually too high will make the turntable deformation. After cooling it becomes normal.

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