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Baking pan cleaning method(Hits:) 
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1, the washing spirit poured into a small amount of water with a can of boil children, the concentration should be higher, washing the spirit and the proportion of water in 1:10 or so, so that the decontamination ability will be a little stronger.
2, will be blending a good wash solution sprayed in the oven where the oil stains, heavy position of the oil and more spray.
3, the kitchen paper towels in the oven after the wall, re-spray again in the paper towels washed water.
4, to prepare a bowl of water into the oven, close the oven door children, no electricity, stew for 10 minutes.
5,10 minutes after the removal of paper towels, but do not rush to throw away, with a dipped in water towels gently wipe the water, the oil on the wipe off.
6, and finally wipe the oven with a clean cloth to clean the OK.

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